Saturday, June 27, 2015

How To Wear A Sweater Dress

A dress comes in many types and forms, and among of which is the SWEATER DRESS. 

After having caught a glimpse and felt the sheen of the fabric of the dress, I knew this dress would go home with me,  and it did.  I was even more tickled pink upon seeing the intricate embroidery of a TIGER in the dress.  You know, I always, and forever will, have itch to anything intricately and beautifully (in my opinion) fabricated.

This dress is so versatile as it offers a diverse style; from sporty-glam chic  to casually romantic.

The sweater dress is in itself an interesting piece since it offers a multitude of  personal style:

SPORTY-GLAM CHIC - it being inspired by Sweaters, see the edges of the hems, and that hood = so sporty yet exudes feminity as its color is metallic (like bronze) rust which is reminiscent of anything luxurious and the tiger embroidery that is craftily sewn into the fabric makes this fashion piece exquisitely sartorial.

CASUALLY ROMANTIC - the dress looks casual as the cut and the length is seamlessly uncomplicated but the satin fabric richly offers that lustrous sensation that is oh so hard to resist.

I wore this dress one sunny day for a family outing.  It gives both comfort and style.  Never miss a chance to look well-dressed even on simple occasions such as a family outing.  

This  dress can really be worn on a number of occasions, regular days or holidays and even day to night.  Just wear it with the right accessories and your good to go to any event you would be heading to.  In this occasion, I paired the dress with my thongs for a comfortable stroll and the embellishments' color of my choice of footwear was closely color-coherent with the rust color of the dress. I brought along a wide-brim straw hat to protect my head and face from the sun's uber scorching heat.

Hope to have shared another piece of fashion advice.  Do keep coming back for more of my styling ideas.

What I Wore:
hooded sweater dress - A.D. Moon
 cami lycra tank top - Sigh's closet
embellished thongs - 138 Mall
sunglasses - SM Kids Department Store
black straw hat - My Hats For Rent (email me at

Live in style, everyday!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Heart Pullover - Rock Eagle

Rainy days are here again and it's high time to take out those pullovers from the closet and bring it on.  Even though, it was at the peak of summer, I was already drawn weeks ago to pullovers especially those adorned ones. I have purchased several pieces then. I have always an "addiction" to anything that glitters, to those fashion pieces that are generously embellished and creatively ornamented. So even with pullovers, I skipped the plain Janes and embraced the beautifully crafted versions.  And since it is time to take out the umbrellas once again, it is also the perfect time to showcase my new collection of seemingly festive pullovers.

Here's the first among my series of outfit posts wearing my chosen pullovers for the rainy season.  This first post, among the series  that I am collectively calling it as I HEART PULLOVER, is about ROCK EAGLE.

 As you can see the main print design of this pullover is the EAGLE.  Take a closer look and you'll see diamonds (faux) forming the word: R.O.C.K., hence Rock Eagle.

I love to experiment, elegantly with my outfit as part of my daily fashion advocacy.  With this look, I am putting on a glam-rock-chic style.  

GLAM - The choice of colors, black and cobalt plus touch of black and silver sequined details on the shoes and faux diamonds on the pullover adds a glamorous appeal to the outfit.  
ROCK - The pullover with the eagle print design and the metallic lens sunglasses gives an edgy rock sense of style. 
CHIC - The peplum stripe sheer fabric that hangs on the hemline of the pullover and that tote bag makes the whole ensemble tastefully chic.

Do not be afraid to mix different styles in one look.  Dare to experiment, but make sure to do it elegantly to look polished and not shabby.  And also remember that a well-color coordinated outfit definitely will leave an impression of an elegantly-smart personal style.

What I Wore:
rock eagle pullover - Palacio de Fashion
racerback tank top with stripe sheer peplum (worn underneath the pullover) - Forming - Made in Korea
cobalt blue stretch skinny pants - Melvin @ E-Mall
sequined flats - Syrup @ People Are People
bag - Louis Vuitton (gifted by my aunt)
sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall Department Store

Live in style, everyday!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

i Travel - Intosan Resort at Danao City

Summer has already concluded and rainy days are here again.  But, would you agree that we still crave for days where we need to unwind, relax, breathe fresher air and take a dip on the pool?
And yes, you read it right, pool, as in swimming pool.  It's time to ditch the the beach and dip in the pool to keep your cool! (i'm into rhymes)

There's this one waterpark resort located at Taboc, Danao City called INTOSAN RESORT. Heard of it? or have gone there?

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for you and your family at INTOSAN RESORT - Hotel and Restaurant , Waterpark and Family Fun Village.

This is not a sponsored nor a paid advertisement.  I am just eager to share a good place for the family to enjoy and to create wonderful memories at this resort.

If you happen on to have plans over the weekend, either the regular one or during longer weekends, do consider INTOSAN RESORT as one of your getaways.  It is outside of Cebu City but still within a city (Danao) but with lesser hustle and bustle and fresher air is more available.

The kids and the young at heart will definitely  find happiness in the assortment of swimming pools at INTOSAN RESORT.  It surely provides the ultimate outdoor water park experience!

For reservations you can contact them at the following information:

Taboc Danao City 6000

Telephone No: (032) 516-7394, 
Telephone No: (032) 516-7393
Cell No. (+63) 09176294972 / 09177238857

Cebu Information Office

Jasmine Pension House
Cor. Don Gil Garcia and Done Filemon 
Sotto Sts. Cebu City, 6000

Telephone Numbers:
(63)(32) 253-3757 

(63)(32) 255-4559 
(63)(32) 254-2686

Travel, enjoy life and live in style, everyday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fashion 101: Fluted Hem vs. Peplum Hem

I am lately (for the last 6 months) buying  and still eyeing on dresses and skirts with FLUTED HEMlines and PEPLUM Hemlines.

The question is: 
What is the difference between a FLUTED hem versus a PEPLUM hem? But is there really a dissimilarity between the two?

It’s an extremely feminine silhouette that resembles the  traje de flamenca - only a pared down version. It’s like a pencil skirt with a flounced hem.

Not to be confused with similar fishtail styles or peplums, the figure-flattering fluted skirt is slim along the waist and hips, with a flared, ruffled hem hitting anywhere from mid-thigh to right above the knee. More info and photos about it HERE and HERE.

Wayback 2012, one of the fashion trends of the year is the fluted hem.  See photo below which I got from the 


And in the year 2013, the trend is still alive and continue to make fashion waves in the runway and in the streets.

In 2014, made an article with this title: Are You Ready to Try the PEPLUM HEM Trend? 

the Peplum hem skirt in mini and midi length

the Peplum hem dress
(Photos courtesy of &

So, what is this PEPLUM HEM? 
For a start, let's review on the word peplum. By definition, it is a short full flounce extension, overskirt or ruffle, a  flares, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric that is attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse or dress covering the hips to create a hanging frill or flounce.
Since this trend puts emphasis also on the word hem, meaning, the edge of a dress or a skirt is attached with a flared fabric that flounce and bounces with movement. 

*** In answer to the original questions:
1.) In the strict sense, as delineated by a website, the fluted hem should not be confused with fishtail styles or peplums.  The fluted hem is applicable to a dress or skirt whose bodice is figure-flattering and slim along the waist and hips.  Whereas, the peplum hem, though it was written by another website that it is applicable to those dresses or skirts with bodice that are hour-glass fitted; but by definition of the word peplum, it does not necessarily emphasizes that the peplum fabric be attached to a very fitted portion and its attachment is not isolated to dress and skirt but also on other types of upper garment.  See the photos below to see the actual disparity of the two types of hem.

The FLUTED HEM dress is body-hugging from chest to lower hips and can even reach the thigh  and flounces on the hemlines. (photo courtesy of

The PEPLUM HEM dress is loose on the bodice and flared on the hemline.

2.) Technically, there is indeed a distinction between FLUTED and PEPLUM hem.  Though, others may insist that these two are closely associated, I will still adhere to my own understanding and analysis of the definitions of each which I have gathered from the world wide web.


Anyway, as I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have somehow drowned myself into this style of hemline.  I am not in trend, since it is not also in trend now.  However, you can still see this style of cut anywhere where clothes are being sold.  

  This is how I style last years' trend.

I am not a trendy person. I buy and wear anything that fits into my style mantra and fashion advocacy.  I do sometimes have this skill? ( or I really don't have the right word to coin it) to forecast fashion trends.  Basically I am not into trends since I do not update myself about it.  I buy clothes on sale racks, meaning they're out-of-trend.  I also shop at thrift stores so it means again, out-of-trend.

 Is my dress of a  FLUTED HEM or PEPLUM HEM?

Answer to above question: My peplum hem dress is bought from one of my preferred thrift stores here in the city.  I like this dress since it can be worn 2 ways: as a dress and as a long shirt-blouse where I can wear my pants underneath.

If you have been following this blog, this dress may look familiar with your sight as this is the exact dress and styling that I put up in my i Travel - OH! CARMEN post.

What I Wore:
peplum hem dress - Palacio de Fashion
bag - Louis Vuitton (gifted by my aunt)
platforms - bought in Hong Kong
sunglasses - SM City Department Store - Kids (Cebu)
silver bracelets - gifted by mom
earrings - G. Metro Ayala

Hope to have shared a useful fashion information tonight! Have a good night to all.

Live in style, everyday!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Work Style / Sigh Style Tips: 1 Blazer, 3 Ways to Wear

On Wednesdays, we have the freedom to wear what we feel like putting on to work.  Despite this freedom, it should not be misunderstood that we can just wear "any"thing.  Since we are going to work, the outfit must still be appropriate for the environment one will be in for the whole day and to closely consider the tasks laid out for the day.

The blazer is a staple type of clothing for my work.  Aside from giving that "corporate" look, it also functions to protect colder temperatures at the workplace.  The blazer I am wearing is of a contemporary cut as it is quite deviated from its original form.  It is diagonally zipped, so when fully zipped-down it gives an illusion of uneven proportion.  

The Question:
How to wear this blazer?

The Answers:
This black zip-front blazer can be worn in 3 ways: 

worn on the REGULAR MANNER - put on the sleeves, as seen on the photo above

worn OVER THE SHOULDER - as seen on the photo above and below

When it comes to t-shirts, tops , blouses, my choice is always on those tops with length that reaches few inches below the hips.  Upon getting a glimpse of this long top from the rows of hanged garments, I was so sure that I cannot leave the shop without taking it with me home.

The top is artfully dramatic as the print is a product of a creative mind plus printed on the sequins and each of it is stitched on the white shirt.  I always love the fusion of art and fashion, as I express it also in my fashion advocacy in the letter A - art in fashion, see side bar for the fashion advocacy.

TIE ON THE WAIST / HIP, see the photo above
This manner of wearing the blazer is revival of the 90's grunge fashion.

Hope to have shared another set of useful fashion style tips.
Happy Sunday to all!

What I Wore:
sequined top - Mill Pink
black stretch pants - White Gold Department Store
zip-front blazer - bought at Palacio de Fashion
yellow wedge - bought in Hong Kong
sunglasses - G.Country Mall

Live in style, everyday!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Stations of the Cross 2015

This is another long overdue posting but I still have to share this wonderful and spiritually-quenching experience during the last Lenten Season on April of this year.

As far as my memory serves me right, last April was the first time to have spent the Lenten days (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday) in my parents' hometown in Bohol.

The terminal in Pier 1 was expectedly jam-packed with passengers who were very eager to step back on the soils of their homeland, Bohol, which is popularly known as the land of the famous Chocolate Hills.

While waiting for our trip schedule, it was a relief that a coffee shop was opened on the second floor.  

We did arrive at the terminal by 5:30 am but we were still not able to catch the first trip.  We then left only  at 8:30 am via StarCraft - business class seats at PhP 280.00

From the array of church activities for the Lenten week, one of the important activities for Roman Catholics is the VIA CRUCIS or the STATIONS OF THE CROSS.  

When in Cebu, for the last 2-3 years, our Via Crucis meditation and prayer is done at the Chapel of Pedro Calungsod at SM SeaSide City.  It is different in my parents' place since the stations of the cross are posted outdoors and in a mountainous area . 

The essence of the Via Crucis is more solemnized as a number (big number) of people joining the activity seemed to be in a prayer rally processional. The Way of the Cross is a devotional means of doing sacrifice and to relive the hardships suffered by our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross; in Latin, Via Crucis) refers to a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion and also to the prayers Christians say when contemplating those images.

The road leading to the end of the stations is called Magsaysay Drive. It is an uphill climb with literally rocky roads along the route. 

 I was really amazed as to the number of people who joined (as this is a one-time activity on that day).  The number did prove that people are still praying and have faith in God.

Upon finishing the last station of the cross, and while still gasping for more air to breathe, you will be enthralled upon the sight of these two gigantic holy statues: a supersized Crucifix and a beautiful magnified statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The sight of these two holy images blew away those bodily complaints and leads you to that urgency for a more earnest meditation and thanksgiving.

It was indeed a remarkable accomplishment to have stepped on the foot of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue.  The spiritual, devotional side of each people may have been replenished and refueled by our own faith.

 And on turning our backs to return to our homes, a magnificent view of the  greenery of Bohol and the ocean certainly completed the whole experience.

Hope you did have a well-spent  and spiritually-filled Lenten season!
Have a good night to all.