Monday, January 9, 2012

The Year 2011

Captured moments are nostalgic, reminiscent of the highs and lows of the year that was.

I'm taking you back to my 365 days of last year.

Here's a peek of how my two-0-eleven went.

Lots of firsts.

I started the year by "debuting my face" in this blog. 
What do you think? Successful debut or not? lol!

FIRST time to travel (longest land trip ever)
 with 'friends/co-workers', really far, far away from home

Was lucky enough to be permitted (by my mom) to travel up to the Philippine 'forehead+scalp'
(see map so you'll agree when I say forehead+scalp)
Who would have thought, (even I can't imagine myself) that  I could have gone this far?

FIRST Fun Shoot (in my new room - new closet) and FIRST time to own a precious space.

Never expected this, saw with my two eyes Mayon Volacano.  Plus, got to set foot on CamSur too.

New in the Market. Have you tried these?
I'm seriously promoting these three topical pain relievers.  But, Please, don't ask me why. oK?
If you need and want instant relief from bodily aches, you MUST buy and try either of these three.  

First time in Bangkok, Thailand
I've always dreamed of coming (and shopping) in this amazing and culture-rich country.

FIRST Land Trip (to Dumaguete) of the entire family, travelled in our own car

FIRST ever Halloween Trick or Treating, finally.

FIRST time to meet my sister's "important friend" and we toured her friend at historical places in Cebu 
( this pic was taken at the Fort San Pedro)

 FIRST "serious" business venture
FIRST time to join a bazaar (Christmas Nights Bazaar)

Met the TOP 3 Philippine Fashion bloggers via WAGW

FIRST time to attend a COSTUME party, I went as Fiona 
(see my 'ogre' pair of flats)

FIRST time to acknowledge and declare my evolving fashion advocacy

FIRST FB account (as online seller of vintage chic apparel and accessorires )

How was your 2011?

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  1. Aww, congrats with your accomplishments. I wanna go to Pagudpud! Sayang. My boyrfiend and I only went as far as Bangui. :(