Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Call Her Rose

Here's one of my favorite hats from my cyEcle's Limited Edition Hat collection.

I call her ROSE.

 Meet ROSE. She's a white hat, with pink rosettes on her crown.
She's available for sale at cyEcle.

I am so into charms (bracelets and rings) right now because the new year is about to come.

wearing: denim dress - July / velvet rose colored tie-front cardigan - I Dress Up /  peach satin shoes - Mags / rose colored bag - Mags / white watch - Fossil / ROSE hat - cyEcle / charm bracelets - bazaar find / buddha ring - gifted by mom / turtle ring

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Playing with my Black and White Hats

Tonight is the last night of the Christmas Nights Bazaar.  Bye for now to my booth partners, don't know when will we meet again.  Rest assured I'm just a text message away.
I'm quite melancholic...  going to the bazaar after work, every night for the last 25 days has been then part of my (our) daily routine.  And now, that routine has ended, drastic culmination and business at the bazaar has put into halt too.  F.y.i. business is going on at the web ... cyEcle is always available online, plus the unveiling of I DRESS UP is scheduled on the first of January 2012. 

I'm sharing here tonight two of the "little" hats, as I love to call them, that were displayed at the booth for sale.  
Meet BLACK (colored black) and WINTER (colored white).

wearing: black long top - random / plaid leggings - random / black patent wedge - MKNY / hats - cyEcle / white watch - Fossil / multi-colored thin bangles - from India gifted by my boss / gray pearl-chain necklace - gifted by my boss / embellished bib necklace - Get Laud gifted by my sister

I'm encouraging you ladies to start your own hat collection!  
Buy your hats from cyEcle

My Limited Edition Hats will be posted at cyEcle and in this blog soon! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Yesterday Was Christmas Day

I do not have a favorite Christmas song, but I sort of wish that someday I can sing this song, when real snow falls down on my head.

Let It Snow! 
( an excerpt )Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Anyway, we spent some hours at the bazaar last night.  Good that it did not rain on Christmas day, and the evening stars were brightly shining, but still no signs of snow, lol.

I tagged along my niece for some picture taking around IT Park.  But I was quite disheartened with my photos,  but then i'm still sharing the grainy output.

I'm sooo loving animal prints!, and this print is trending in the fashion world.

Continued the photo-taking at home. :-P

 wearing: animal print dress top - Island City Mall @ Bohol / black twill shorts underneath the top - random / striped chiffon with chain belt - Genevieve Gozum / black lace vest - thrifted / black platforms with animal print sole - Korean Shoe shop / sunglasses - Forever 21 / white watch - Fossil / black bead bracelet - Aizilym / faux gold rings - 138 / diamond ring - gifted by mom / bag - Guess

What's your Christmas Day soundtrack?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Evolution of The Fashion Advocacy

This blog has been the ultimate outlet to spread the fashion advocacy that I gave birth some 30 months ago.  The advocacy did already exist long before this  blog was created. However, I believe that i dress up and sleep blog may have helped propagate my C.L.E.A.N. Fashion advocacy. 

Now time has come, and fashion evolution had taken place.  I admit I am more open now to fashion astuteness.  I can embrace the diversities and idiosyncrasies.  
Bit by bit, these have paved the re-definition of my fashion advocacy.  This evolution is never a separation from what have been a deeply embedded fashion sense,  but basically an up-scaling of something good to better, minute to large.

So here's what has become to the newly-delineated fashion advocacy.

What is it to be C.L.E.A.N?

Color coordination
Less and More
Art in fashion

Color coordination is not a monotonous display of colors.  It is the harmonious appropriation of   similar hues and shades from the color palette in one fashionable look. 

I used to appreciate "the lesser, the better" maxim, which is a minimalist outlook.  But as more and more fashion savvy individuals are creatively expressing themselves, I find myself more driven to them.  I tend to appreciate gradually the concept of over-accessorizing and endless layer on layer.  The more the merrier; the bolder, the better.

I believe there is some sort of science in fashion.  Everyday, as we get dressed, the choice of clothes and accessories, the mixing and matching per se is an activity which what we call in science as an experiment. 
One great example of experimentation, which is in contrast to color coordination, is the donning of incongruous colors plus an abundant mix of prints.  It may appear like a mess to those who adhere to color coordination but it is indeed a fashion statement to many.  
2011 is the year that I have been quite audacious enough to take a leap out from my "norms" and step into new and exciting fashion challenges.

Though I am trivialy detouring once in a while from my own fashion tendencies,  but still, I do somehow end up getting back to what has been deeply-rooted into my senses.  See my look above.  My top still has the color on one of the neon hues on my leggings and wearing black wedges that coordinates with the black color of the top (print) and blazer.

If fashion is one form of science, it is more extremely a colossal outlet for the arts.
I live for art and I live with art.  I love colors, hence there is this love for painting - as manifested in my hobby of playing with crayons, paint tubes, etc.  I may not be gifted with the hands of an artist but I can scribble and make simple sketches of clothes.   So there's the line connecting arts to fashion.  
One can actually correlate fashion to both art and science.  If mixing and matching clothes is experimentation, more so it is indeed art.  The ability to effectively able to put up a look - the collective donning of clothes of variable prints and colors and textures - is seriously an expression of the arts.  Our body is a canvass, and ourselves are live mannequins. 

One cool thing to those people who are effortlessly able to impress me and can explicitly be listed to my list of fashionable human beings, is that aside from possessing laudable confidence and daringly able to strut and shout to the world his / her individualism through fashion, these individuals are otherwise nonchalant.  

animal print semi-spandex blazer - I Dress Up / neon long top - thrifted / neon tribal print leggings - Knits and Stripes / peach pink bag - Mags / black patent leather wedges - MKNY / sunglasses - Forever 21 / watch - Fossil (gifted by my sis ) / jade ring and diamond ring - gifted by mom / rocking-horse ring - Aizilym


Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the Morning of December 24

Christmas MUST be CHRIST-centered, not self-centered, org-centered nor family-centered.  I retained this statement from the early morning mass today.  Yes, Christmas is all about Christ.  It's the time of the year to celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday.

I woke up early and went to hear the last Misa de Gallo mass for 2011 with my family.

Anyway, I was quite hyperactive this morning.  My mind was filled with thoughts on how I can increase my sale for the last 3 days at the bazaar. I still have lots of items available for sale at the booth.  :-(
 On the brighter side, I can always sell them online, that's the reason for the early morning photo shoot.

 ooops, grainy pic.
This hat is one of the LIMITED EDITION hats for sale at cyEcle.
Ltd. Ed. since I personally designed the hat and only a maximum of two individuals can own this specially designed hat.  I personally selected the type and print of cloth to wrap into the crown of the hat.

wearing: black and white fitted dress top - bazaar find / cropped fuchsia over-sized knit sweater - I Dress Up / pink belt - Genevieve Gozum / purple embellished flats - Figliarina / sunglasses - SM Naga City / heart long chain necklace - Forever 21 / hat - Limited Edition Hat @ cyEcle
I'm actually wearing my favorite black twill shorts underneath. :-)

Merry Christmas to all!

Please do check out for your fashion needs.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Cat in My Dress

I am too preoccupied  the past few days... busy with work and business.  But I am not complaining nor admitting that I am stressed.  I am neither stressed nor tired.  I love the energy that I possess now that helped me endure all my tasks.  I enjoy being busy than doing nothing at all and than being just in plain R&R state.

I am too happy to declare that I have somehow passed it all... the "stresses", so they say.  I am so hyped-up, with all the activities I have been doing to and fro, starting the last two weeks of November up to the last week of this month.  I am addicted to being a busy-bee.

In this post, I am wearing my "CAT" dress.  Love this dress that I thrifted a few months back.  Black and white is the color combination I don on this look.  Had this picture taken after we went to hear the Simbang Gabi mass last Sunday.

wearing: CAT dress - thrifted / black leggings - random / studded shoes - G.Fiesta / sunglasses - SM Naga City / white hat with black tie on crown - cyEcle

And sharing here the pics of the top 3 fashion bloggers' visit at WAGW  here in Cebu City.

 Camille Co and Kryz Uy

 Laureen Uy

Laureen with my niece.

Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I So Love Animal Prints

An outfit post, strutting my love for animal prints.
Worn this outfit to a dinner date with my family.

 Bag and Shoes (sole) in animal print.  Love it!

wearing: white pin stripe polo - I Dress Up / my favorite black twill shorts -random / animal print bag - Bangkok, Thailand find / black platforms in animal print sole - Korean Shoe Shop / necklace with 'D' pendant - Shanghai, China find /gold watch - Guess

Have a good night everyone!

cyEcle at IT Park Christmas Night Bazaar 2011

cyEcle has joined a bazaar for the very first time, :-) 
and this endeavor has really made my schedule quite hectic and gave me a chance to lose a few pounds (can't give figures yet though).

You can see in the following pics that I am selling a variety of fashion items.
From hats to belts to bags,  shoes and purses.
I also sell PLUS SIZE apparels, perfect gift for your moms!

 You should visit my online shop here since there are items that are available only at my online shop and will never be sold at the bazaar.

 I am selling pencils, sharing my passion for pencil collection to kids and kids at heart. 
--  F.Y.I., as of to date, I've already collected 831 pencils! --

Fortunately, I am sharing Booth 95 with the following 'new business partners'.  The owners of these shops are really nice people.  It was indeed the best business venture / partnership that I entered, so far. 

My booth partners are:

The Stylogist
visit the online shop here

The Little Black Market
visit the online shop here

Cr8tive Thoughts Sky Lanterns
visit the online shop here

For inquiries on all items sold at the bazaar:

We will still be at the bazaar until December 27, 
so please be there!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Day in Bohol

Two weekends ago, I decided to travel to Bohol to celebrate the annual fiesta of my patron saint, in time also for my birthday.

Anyway, this is more of an outfit post, so here's what I wore during my short vacation.

wearing: print cotton dress - G. Metro / purple tee - gifted by sis / orange cotton vest - G. Fiesta / peep-toe with embellished bow flats - Mags / owl necklace - Forever 21 / sunglasses - E-bay  / pink belt - YRYS

P.S.== Please visit Booth 95 at IT Park Christmas Bazaar.==