Friday, April 29, 2011

White is the New Black

Purity + Minimalism =WHITE
Let's pave the way for  spring / summer 2011's ultimate color.

 the runways are taken over by this color

 bloggers are wearing the color too...

Are you in for white?

Fashion Experiment: Polka meets Plaid + Denim

Have you tried this mix?

Fashion Experiment:
Polka Dots and Plaid in Black and White color combo

 Today is Friday, and the next two days are days to unwind.  Have a happy weekend!

wearing: polka dot top with applique - reworked, thrifted; plaid dress-top - thrifted; black leggings - random; brown belt- XOXO; denim clogs - Maze @  Ayala Center

Monday, April 25, 2011

Top TEN Checklist for Summer

This may be too late to ask:
Are you ready for summer?

Here's the Top TEN Fashion Favorites for Spring-Summer 2011

1. White Shirt - I have to see if they still exist in my closet

2. Floral Prints - Check! Have lots of these

3. Seventies Flared Pants 
Ooops, I'm not a fan

4. Maxi Dress - Check! Check!

5. Platform Sandals 
Love this, Check again! I'm even planning to buy a new pair for summer

6. Leather Jacket - zero...

7. Preppy Cardigan - I have cardigans, but I'm not into the preppy image

8. Something Bright, Something Nude
Like and love anything bright,

 but nude? exclusively for undies

9. Denim - Check! I am a supra-aficionada of this fashion material

10. Jumpsuits - I've never thought of these, but I have rompers

I have identified my list, so do check if your pretty ready for the season.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Color is Fun

Latest trends -for summer/spring- demand bright and loud colors.
  Here are some display of colorful palettes and a mix of stripes and color blocking trends.
These trends shout: the bolder, the louder, the better!

So love to step into this wedge,  I'll get one like this but necessarily this one.

pics via cool hunter, drowning equilibriums, b.jones style, elle dispatch, vogue italia, facehunter, what i wore

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Black and Tierred

I cannot think of a title post so I had it named based on my outfit.
This picture was taken one Sunday morning after having attended a mass.

Today is actually Good Friday.   
A time to commemorate the death of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

wearing: black striped/tierred dress - thrifted, multi-colored, floral sole wedge - Fila

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Experiment: Gray on Gray

It was one Saturday when I have again to render some overtime work, to catch up what has to be accomplished before another week starts off.  I went to work wearing this, a gray on gray outfit.

--  details of the revamped gray top --

I love the details so much. Even though this top had over-sized sleeves, 
I had to take it home with the 'repair' thing in mind.  See how big are the sleeve holes, 
that's how over-sized the original sleeves were.

wearing: gray dressy top - random, underneath a gray revamped sleeveless top - thrifted, plaid leggings - thrifted, berry platform - Crocs, magenta sling bag with gold chain - gifted by cousin from Dubai

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas: Vanessa Hudgens

I will have to agree Karla on her opinion on Vanessa Hudgens' style.  
I am not just fond of this actress especially on the way she dresses up.  

a FASHION FAUX PAS means an error in style judgment (via
 wearing the same mocha Chanel sling bag
pics via vogue diaries

Monday, April 18, 2011

Common Trend II

Can you guess what's trending?

pics via and

Stuff I Like

I bought some new functional things into my new room.  

I have been travelling to Luzon the past two months. 
And recalling all the places I have stepped into and  reminiscing the experiences I have had with the provinces of the Philippines, 
I decided, finally, to buy myself a map and identify (see encircled places in black ink) all those places.
I am able to traverse the three main regions of our country: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
But then I still have a long list of provinces to discover and enjoy.

Since my fetish with rings requires me to find something to keep them in place and at the same time display them in a more presentable way, glad I found this black velvety palm ring holder at 168 in Manila.

 showcasing my ANIMAL ring collection

Tendances II

pics via Olsens Anonymous, Vogue Diaries and Karla's Closet

The Winning Image

Ms. Abby is on a mission: the former beauty queen finds fulfillment in empowering Pinoys and guide them toward professional success.  

I learned a lot from Ms. Abbygale Arenas-de Leon, when she gave a talk about The Winning Image of a professional.  I was eagerly taking down notes. These are the 5 brief seemingly simple, maybe quite difficult for some but actually not far from being attainable success tips:

1.) A SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight. 

and they even say: "It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown" so the more pouts the more 'ouch.

2.) Make your POSTURE perfect.

 e.g. playing with hair, picking, scratching, yawning (can be but in apropos) etc.

4.) LISTEN actively.
and what struck me most is the fifth:

The way you dress  directly influences how others perceive you.
  This is  a reality you cannot afford to ignore.

Five things to check to look presentable:
1. CLOTHES!  2. Accessories  3. Hair Style  4. Face  5. Hygiene (breath, nails, armpit odor) 

She added, to achieve  a corporate look (what is recently trending is the smart casual look), LESS SKIN EXPOSURE (i.e., no sleeveless, no cleavage-leaking, no micro-minis/shorts
and dressing up should be occasion-appropriate.

I felt a bit dismayed with how some professionals carried themselves, by the way they dress-up, I took a picture and this is how some presented themselves for the convention.