Wednesday, September 29, 2010

N.ot Y.our E.veryday S.hoes

Dropped by at mod cloth and saw these rococo shoe pool, so check them out.

This commences my collection of awkward yet eye-popping, out-of-this world-looking shoes.

Calling this and the more-of-these-to-come post:  
N.(not)Y.(your)E.(everyday)S.(shoes) series  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Perfect III

Still from Lulu's, I fell in love with these earth-tone platforms, wedges, and clogs.
 Quite in doubt if I can confidently and comfortably sashay these pairs.
Wish to own them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Defining a Woman

There are so many ways to describe a woman. 
However, I could not think of anything else right now but to delineate her thru the dresses from Lulu's:

sweet & simple
passionate & romantic
determined & dependable
caring & loving
modest & reserved
kind & polite
smart & suave
organized & meticulous
fashionably effortless

What other words you can describe to - us -  women?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's the SHOE that Counts

I must admit, I indulge myself in shoes. 
Shoes, generally refers to any types of footwear may it be pump, flat, mule, espadrille...
and the list continues. 
My fetish with shoes somehow revolve around
wedges and flats and sometimes kitten-heeled pumps. 
I go for really 'beautiful perfect',comfy and yet rightly-priced pairs.
For this post, I am showcasing my pretty, according to my judgment, shoes,
 they're quite not-so-new (don't want to call them old),
and have been worn several times with utmost care.

pale pink patent leather round-toe flats with faux jewel stones from Leaveland

white patent leather pointed flat sling-back from Leaveland

Jeepman coral patent leather with plastic buckle bow rubber flats
bought at Metro Expo Sale in Singapore

eggplant patent leather round-toe flats with tiger-print and faux gold chain detail from Janeo

olive heeled mary jane from Celine
zebra-print with bow ballerina flats from a Chinese shoe shop

heeled cobalt step-in with faux gold detail from Metro Gaisano

berry 'Cyprus' Crocs platforms bought in Singapore by my dear sister

And when I travel, I always make sure that I bag home a new pair of shoes.
It has been a habit, deeply rooted into my senses. 
And when my sister travels the globe, of course,
a new pair of good shoes for the baby sister is number one on her shopping list.
Thanks, ditse!
Are you a SHOE-lover?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Long Weekend That Was - Part Four

September 12, 2010
After driving our dad to the domestic airport, we traverse the roads of Mactan island -wanderlessly.  Until we passed by tall condo-looking was 'actually' IMPERIAL PALACE.  
So we went for a quick ocular check of the hotel.  
It was indeed a pretty clean, cool resort to unwind.

the beach-front

the villa

the famous slides

on me:
Color Coordination:  Top and Shoe 
magenta dress top 
candy-stripe cinched mod-apron ( borrowed from my dear sis ) with big black buttons, favorite black twill shorts
 berry 'Cyprus' Crocs platforms
 Kipling tote
 silver accessory watch, necklace with embellished leaf pendant 

the tour guide

then we headed to a Pancit Malabon station at Mandaue

To all Cebuana bloggers, how did you spend your 4-day vacation last September 9-12?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a COLOURful Life

Ran over these pictures from Ford Models site and went hype over the collection.
I so admire how colors and prints overwhelmed the total look.

What is your favorite color?