Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barbie Saturday

It was a good day to rest from a week-long stresses...'cause it was Saturday, however, 
we were obliged to report for work, to do some cutting and cutting - literally.
But before leaving for work, I spent a little time toying my bratty Barbie (given by a friend, thanks Emely!) 
and took morning pictures with her.
I still enjoy having dolls and stuff toys on my bed, and they do sleep beside me.

I've known that there's this House of Barbie in Shanghai, China...  wish I could go there.

on me:
tiered plaid/stripe top; fuchsia pleated skirt; berry Crocs 'Cyprus' platforms bought in Singapore by sis; Cozy Balloons watch from Swatch bought in Geneva, Switzerland by sis; rainbow star bracelet

then, i decided to change my outfit, ready to accomplish my tasks.

on me:
tiered plaid/stripe top; gray shrug gift  from London; rolled-up denim; pink patent rubber Jeepman flats bought in Singapore by me; sling bag; Cozy Balloons watch from Swatch bought in Geneva, Switzerland by sis; rainbow star bracelet

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Polka Dot

Polka dot, n.  design consisting of a pattern of regularly spaced circular spots

I so adore such print, on clothes mostly and I have a number of apparel with this print,
from tees to cropped hoodies to skirt, and even a pair of peep-toes.
But I most prefer the dot in white, laid on black background or vice versa.

Here are few shots with my all-time closet staple pattern: the polka dot.

on me:
zebra print spag-strap top underneath a sheer lace blouse
both tucked in an Oct. Legend polka dot balloon skirt; studded rubber flats; mom's red purse;
red origami bouquet of roses courtesy of R2S Origami
visit for your origami flower orders.

styling concepts by 27chic

on me:
polka dot collared blouse with floral brocade; black rose stretch belt; textured straight-cut pants; sequined black canvas rubber flats; Ana Sui sequined b/w purse;  b/w in cow-skin print case for my HP netbook; accessory watch 

on me:
vintage polka dot dress-top with brocade details; white stretch belt; black stretch A-line skirt;necklace with crystal-embellished leaf pendant; worn with white patent pointed sling-back from Leaveland (not seen in picture)

on me:
satin polka dot dress in puff sleeves; olive Celine heeled mary jane; olive patent leather purse; beaded bracelets - gifts

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hollywood Fashion Euphoria

Celebrities do have their own fashion inclinations,
but I am drawn to some femme's taste of their fashion, 
to name a few:

the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie  and Leighton Meester

a tribute to the Olsen twins

Nicole Richie
fashionista, mother...astonishingly amazing

Leighton Meester
pretty face, superb taste in fashion...perfect.

so who's your Hollywood fashion icon?

Daily Servings

On regular days when I feel 'dressing-down', I prefer to be in my jeans (straight cuts and skinny) and random feminine tops. 
 Since I am quite new to this thing called blogging, I am to post pictures taken few months or few years back. Here's a peek of my daily servings of denims and tops,
pictures reflecting my C.L.E.A.N. Fashion Advocacy.

on me:
C-olor coordination (gold & black combo)
black empire top with gold belt; skinny jeans; gold wedge; black and gold oversized woven bag; wooden bangle 
on me:
C-olor coordination (see silver print on shirt and silver strap of slipper)
orange L-O-V-E shirt; skinny jeans; silver-white slippers; sling bag

on me:
L-ess is more
black empire top with black rose stretch belt; skinny jeans; faux pearl rosary necklace; white Shooz  wedge with bow and gold details

on me:
C-olor coordination
straight-cut jeans; light blue racerback underneath a blue-rose print blazer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hide that Legs, Dress-up that Body

Since my discovery with leggings, I have never stopped embracing them. 
They're so functional, giving comfort and ease in my movements. 
I wish I could wear leggings to work everyday since my job is not sedentary and I in direly need to don comfortable clothes to make it through the day. 
But sad to say, I'm stuck with no other option
but to obey company rules and wear those uniforms.
I love to pair my leggings with dress-tops or simply short dresses.
( i guess i already own a dozen of  leg-'hiders' as i call it since it basically conceals flaws in my legs)
dress-blouse + leggings = another staple ensemble for C.L.E.A.N. Fashion

on me:
plaid dress-top; black rose stretch belt; black textured leggings; electric blue studded pointed flats; Seguie midnight blue sling bag bought in Milan, Italy; necklace with crystal-embellished leaf pendant, beaded bracelets -gifts; black Nike watch gift from London

on me:
two-tone black top; gray butterfly stretch belt; plaid gray leggings; 
gray studded pointed flats; sling bag

on me:
lavender dress-top with lace-tulle trimmings; eggplant leggings; Voir white wedge bought in Sydney, Australia; Swatch 'Cozy Balloons' watch bought in Geneva, Switzerland
on me:
two-tone empire dress-top; black textured leggings;
Voir white wedge bought in Sydney, Australia;
faux purple-pink crystal headband worn as necklace; 8-crystal Chinese bracelets