Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Experiment: Neo Neon and a Blast of Thin Stripes

Scientifically, Neon is a chemical element that has the symbol Ne.  A colorless,inert noble gas under standard conditions, neon gives a distinct reddish-orange glow when used in either low-voltage neon glow lamps or in high-voltage discharge tubes or neon advertising signs.[5][6] It is commercially extracted from air, in which it is found in trace amounts. 
(via wikipedia)

But fashion-wise, seeing neon in an ensemble brings you back to the vibrant spirit of the 80's.

Fashion Experiment:
Neon + Stripes 

I mixed my neon stuff for more structured  geometrical figures, the lines.  
But in fashion, these lines are turned into what is called the stripes.

Top - white fitted top with horizontal stripes in black 
Shorts -  black "puruntong" with vertical pin stripes in white
Vest- neon orange, can be tied in front
Shoes - neon yellow, patent leather, semi-pointed brogue-like flats
Bag - faux LV with graffiti in neon green

Fashion Lesson:
Wearing Neon and Stripes

See here for more on how to wear neon without looking too flamboyant.

And let's recall your basic knowledge on geometry.  There are two types of line: vertical (top to bottom) and horizontal ( left to right)

In fashion these lines are coined as stripes.  They say if you are quite gifted with love handles, horizontal stripes does not suite you, cause it will widen your shape, worsen your shabby look.  Vertical stripes will help petite ones appear taller, and make 'healthy' ones look slimmer.
The key to wearing stripes in the real world is to always wear just one print matched with a solid. 

Well, I just deviated the above statement, but as long as thin and opposite stripes are worn at one time and color coordination must be apparent, nothing will go wrong.

Fashion is always an experiment. :-)

So do you have a neon and stripe story?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

These, I Wanna Try and more...

 I wish I can have my hair permed and dyed (in fuchsia-violet) like this.

 Love to experiment: RAINBOW HAIR (for a day, or week. or month)

By 2013, my hair may (must) grow as long as this. 
Let's see, Rapunzel me, 2 years from now.

and more...
 i love to see colors in what I wear, COLORS give life and vibrance to an outfit

 cute Kipling bag with chain sling

the cape is amazing, one-of-its-kind = the modern heroine look

pics via smashion bubble, studded hearts, jestem kasia, the way we wore, garypeppervintage


I am vainglorious to possess the XX sex chromosomes; because I can wear skirts, wear heeled footwear and can be as feminine as I can.

This is the symbol of the planet and Roman goddess, Venus; also used to indicate the female sex.

 Womanhood is the period in a female's life after she has transitioned through childhood and adolescence, generally age 18. (via wikipedia)

 A mother, mom, mum, momma, or mama is a woman who has raised a child, given birth to a child, and/or supplied the ovum that grew into a child  (via wikipedia)

 Let us celebrate womanhood!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ode to Fashionista: Lovely Lissa

I browsed my chictopia account only everytime I remember that I have an account in that site.  But through chictopia there I discovered the charm of Lissa Kahayon then I was more glad to know that she unveiled her very own blog early this year, May 5 in exact.

 This is the very first picture she posted on her blog.

She's young, so vibrant,  so transparent, so real. And her sense of style, as I described it and frankly e-mailed her about it, is - simply distinctive, perfectly feminine and brilliantly flirty.

She is indeed a SCENE STEALER!
I'd like to share how she honestly and humbly answered my questions (all for the love of fashion).  I am so grateful that she basically spared me some minutes from her super busy life and took time to answer my 5 queries.  Thanks Lissa!

The Q and A:

 How do you define your style?
Lissa- very unpredictable- I can do rocker, girly, punk, tomboy, etc. :) It depends on my mood, the weather or my inspiration for the day.

What are your three essential fashion items?
Lissa- High heels, oversized earrings and a men's watch.

What will be your advice to fashion-novices?
Lissa- Confidence is key and don't follow trends. Always invest in the classics.

What makes your blog successful?
Lissa - I'm really honored you think my blog is successful. I guess when you're passionate about something, it really reflects on your work. I don't let photos pile up on my camera, I always make time to blog no matter how tired I am and I don't blog to brag or show off- what you see in my blog is the real me that I love to share with everyone.

What is your definition about FASHION, in general?
Lissa- Fashion is an expression of one's self. It speaks volumes about a person and is a reflection of who he/she is.

I so like these pics of her and David.  They look soo good together. 

Congrats  and More power Lissa!

For those who haven't known her, you'll never regret if you visit her here.

all pics via Lissa's blog

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Skirting Issue

I do love to wear skirts of any length,
I love skirts with artful details too,
then I gathered pictures from the web. 

via studdedhearts.blogspot,com,, cool hunter blog and

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Work with Pink

I love this shade of pink on my cellphone and netbook.  

I think its close to old rose.  It's pink = girly but not flashy, perfect for a professional.  Fits for my generation too ( me, a product of the 80's).  I 'work' (do net researcher for my daytime work, do blogging for past time, play Angry Birds now, but was a Plants vs. Zombies addict, do updating my online shop (known by a few) in my mini offiice, inside my yellow bedroom with my pink hp mini and pink blackberry curve.  Guess what, both gadgets are sponsored by special individuals in my small circle.  

Even with my gadgets, I embed color coordination in my selection.  In my mini office, I am facing the wall, painted in yellow and decorated with wall stickers (still with the color pink) and photos that inspire me to do the best for my --- days. 

HP mini 110, thanks to my dad!  Pink Blackberry, thanks to my 'partner-in-crime', my soon to be business partner.  If not for them, I could not have the chance to get hold of these.  

Thanks to my special sponsors! lol.  But really, I thank them with deep sincerity.

Australian and Korean Cuisines

In a week, we dined at two restaurants of two different countries-cultures-cuisines.

1.) CANVAS BISTRO BAR GALLERY at the Terraces in Ayala.

I was with my family and it was our first time at the bistro.  We do not have any idea what to order.  I have no pre-gathered reviews of the restaurant.  So I asked the lady, who attended to our table, as to which would be their best-seller.  She replied: Pork Medallion with Tiger Prawn and Pesto Fettuccine.  So I ordered it.  See the picture just right below.

 We got a taste of their pasta and steak.

What I like in this bistro is that they serve healthy drinks such as Cranberry Juice and some tonic mixes.

 and they do serve garlic bread as appetizers??

 It is a gallery indeed with walls filled with framed jewelries from some jewelry artists.
And the bistro inspired me to start my own collection of HATS!
Got to leave you with this link for some Australian cuisine info:  

My review of the restaurantI usually give ratings to the restaurants  we dined at and to the foods we ate there. However, in this particular post, since we left the bistro with our tummy full but gastronomically dissatisfied, so I'd rather not give ratings in numbers but express them with candid words.  I do not know if this review will be the same with others who have eaten at the bistro, but since I tasted all the food we ordered, so I got to comment that the food tasted: bland...maybe because it is not Filipino-cooked-and-flavored and my taste buds were quite ignorant.  We paid for about 2,000 pesos, glad that I have two 'groupons' that saved us 800 pesos.  Our experience gave us a lesson, "Once is Enough."

2.) KOREYUM at the ground floor of Robinson's Cybergate Mall.

This gigantic frame greets you, with Lee Min Ho and some famous Korean actors.

They serve kimchi for free!  I am always interested to taste kimchi, and is something that I would love to eat again and again.

Others who have already tried on some Korean resto said that most of the food are served really hot, hot meaning CHILLI-fied (flavored with all types of chilli).  But then in Koreyum they can serve their noodles either non-chili, mild or extremely hot.

 Got to leave you again some wikipedia fact on Korean cuisine:  

My review of the restaurantThe presence of orange (carrots) and greens (cabbage, etc.) on all the foods we ordered made it quite boring , though healthy but seemingly soo redundant.  Anyway, the foods tasted almost exactly the same.  Only the KIMCHI made a difference, it spiced up the Koreyum experience. Just like Canvas, we left the resto tummy-full but with taste buds craving for something that oozes with flavor.  We paid everything for about P1,000 pesos, quite expensive for a not so memorable dinner. Lesson learned: "It was not the best Korean resto, so I'd not stop looking for one."

Hope to have shared you something worth considering.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ang Siyudad sa Sugbu

Ang Siyudad sa Sugbu = The City of Cebu

These pictures were taken when me and my partner-in-crime drove around the city of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu.

I call this collection:

Can you tell where these pictures were taken?

Enjoy Cebu! and more to come.