Monday, August 30, 2010

What/Where I Ate - Red Kimono

Red Kimono is located only at The Terraces - Ayala Center here in Cebu City.
Honestly, I do not like Japanese food, but I was partly thrilled at the thought of having dinner in this restaurant.  Maybe because I got hold of that promo card and coupons 'they' (advertising pips hired for Red Kimono promotions) offered to us at the office earlier that afternoon last August 25, 2010.

Salmon Cream n' Cheese Roll

the freebie: Ebi Maki

I forgot the name of this food but it did taste good that's why i gave it an eight (8).

Chicken Terriyaki Bento, rated it half from the perfect score since I think  Rai-RaiKen's version of this bento is much tastier.

we dined alfresco so I got to capture the changing lights of this 5-leaf roof

I somewhat matched to the restaurant's theme colors: Red and Black
wearing a cropped D&G long-sleeve top with red/white/black rhinestones
and a pair of red flats with micro polka dots in black

my 'silver-wares' for the night
and white gold diamond rings
How was your Red Kimono dining experience?

What/Where I Ate - Joven's Grill at Parkmall

Was introduced to Joven's Grill  by a colleague while I was in search for another EAYC(eat-all-you-can) here in the city.  So my family, a newbie and I went there and tried to 'assess' their foods.  I am rating their restaurant (inclusive in my rating are the foods, presentation, variety and the place): 7  I was not that gastronomically satisfied since the place was crowded and we were forced to eat outside with a candlelight only.  Anyway, I was somehow happy since, at long last, I have finally discovered the HELLO KITTY goodie that I have been looking for.  Thought it was a cake but it was pure chocs, still ok anyway.

cakes and pastries are from Cream N' Bake and sold at Joven's Grill

and I did take home the whole body Hello Kitty chocolate

Shoes for August

I indulged myself again to my shoe addiction.  Bought myself four pairs within a month. 
Of course, it includes my all-time fave: wedges + a platform.

 multi-colored Fila wedge with floral-print sole bought in Limketkai Mall CDO City 

 Nina Ricci platforms bought in Gaisano CDO

white wedge, local find at Metro Ayala

love this white sandal with 'architecture-d' heel, local find at Leaveland - Ayala Mall

What's your latest shoe purchase?

Kublai Millan

the  h o t el - g a l l e r y :

Ponce Suites 
is located at Corner Roads 3 & 4 Doña Vicenta Village, Bajada, Davao City.
How I find out about this hotel?
  I was in search for places to stay for our trip in Davao and when I clicked on the link to the suite, I was astounded with all the optical grandeur.  From then on, my excitement never stopped till the day we arrived at the lobby of the hotel-gallery.  The place was far better from the pictures that were posted on their website.  Aside from the outrageous virtual masterpieces in and out of the hotel gallery, what I liked about the place is that Ponce Suite is situated in a peaceful, safe, quite village, so unlikely right?
It is indeed a must-see for art lovers like me. 
It did quenched my craving for the arts.

the  a r t i s t:

Kublai Ponce-Millan,
who created all these giant works, was born on July 8, 1974 in Cotabato City. He finished schooling at the University of the Philippines with a degree of Fine Arts. After which, he dedicated his life back in Mindanao, sculpting the culture from which, where which he grew up, as a human being and as a soul. The massive pieces magnify calm, passion and grief proportonately in the stone-grain finish accomplished with the five-year technique developed through various weathers accompaning their inceptions and growth, from steel and wiremesh underpinnings above and below ground, to the finishing of the last detail of the gesturing hand.

more about the artist on this link: kublai millan
my  s n a p s h o t s:
 these are just a few of the many shots I have taken, Kublai's creations overwhelmed me

Welcome to Ponce Suites! 

the lobby

the ceiling at the lobby

the artist's manifesto

a few of his paintings

his 3-dimensional artwork

staircase leading to the second floor are filled with mementos and graffiti

artworks filled the walls of the second floor

another form of his art

second floor hallway

metallic art and the use of real human hair are a few of his creative experimentations
this staircase leads to the third floor of the hotel

a great manifestation of his faith, as seen on one of the walls at the third floor

fluid humanity

these heads greets you upon entering a cafe on the rooftop 

at the rooftop

outside the hotel-gallery is wrapped with gigantic golden sculptures, here's a few of them

the famous durian

the hotel's neighborhood is filled also with Kublai's structures

and this is the humble beginnings of a grand masterpiece

More power Kublai Millan!

i Travel - Davao City

August 6-8, 2010
I may have underestimated this city, but being able to step on their soils and traverse their metropolis,  I can definitely say now that it is such a wonderful place down under in Mindanao that is worth visiting over and over.

Durian sculpture by Kublai Millan greets you at the airport grounds
Ponce Suites: an art gallery and hotel rolled into one.  
It's definitely one of its kind.
It houses Kublai Millan's artistic creations. 
A separate post will be dedicated to this Filipino artist and his masterpieces.

 Queensland Park houses two full-sized replicas of famous European statues:
1. David, originally sculpted by Michaelangelo Buonarroti in 1501

2. The Little Mermaid, originally located at Copenhagen, Denmark

People's Park

I was into floral prints during this trip.
on me:
red-black floral dress paired with black textured leggings and a pair of Ipanema thongs purchased in Singapore by my dear sister, black Nike watch, white gold ring

on me:
black biker cropped hoodie, black-white floral dress, Nina Ricci platforms that I bought in Cagayan de Oro (during this trip)

Have you been to Davao City?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What/Where I Ate - Food Tripping in Cagayan De Oro

B r e a k f a s t: 

Missy Bonbon
located at Limketkai Mall Lapasan Highway

they served meals, pastries and gelato

Missy Pancake 
(a breakfast set - without drinks) costs Php: 95.00
rated this 3 (oops, sorry, I'm just being an honest food critic)
since the pancakes were to chewy, too thick, the caramel was 'un'-sweet
Jollibee pancakes are much way better! however, presentation-wise: ok

Steak Breakfast 
(a breakfast set still without drinks) costs: Php: 150.00
rated this 4 since the steak was not the steak we expected it to be
the eggs made it quite taste better

after breakfast, i tasted their Choco Mint gelato...hmmm..not that ok, sorry again

the breakfast experience at Missy Bonbon was somehow the most expensive meal we had during our whole Mindanao trip...
imagine, a breakfast for two costs: Php 390 plus a gelato that costs Php 50.00

overall rating for the breadshop:  6
thanks to the good-feel ambiance of the breadshop, the presentation of their food and the variety of goodies they carry

L u n c h :
Barkadahan Grill
--my opinion says: they serve good food at very affordable prices--

a grilled fish and 'kinilaw'
I became also a 'kinilaw' critic during that travel...
Mindanao kinilaw were not as tasty as those prepared here in Cebu
that is why I rated theirs 4

uber cheap serving of rice

uber mango shake, as in I was aghast with how I will consume this

D i n n e r:
Lighthouse Restaurant 
located at Gaisano Cagayan De Oro

It was an eat-all-you-can dinner for Php 200.00 
(can't remember if drinks were inclusive or not)
food seemed to be not that freshly prepared, oopps another honest critique